Want to Study Abroad? Check out these 3 Ways to Get Overseas Scholarships!

Studying abroad is every student’s dream and this is a way to get foreign scholarships that Hunters can do

Today, not a few students are interested in pursuing advanced education abroad. It is not surprising that various ways to get foreign scholarships are used to achieve this dream of studying.

Achieving this dream is not easy. The reason is that there are not a few enthusiasts who become competitors in obtaining scholarships. The following is a discussion of what you should prepare as a way to get a foreign scholarship. 

Preparation Before Applying for Scholarships Abroad

Preparation is the beginning of everything, without this you may encounter many obstacles. Both in terms of administration and self-preparation. The following are things you should prepare before starting your educational journey.

  • Value Judgments

Although not all scholarship providers make academic grades a benchmark for a student’s eligibility to receive a scholarship, you still have to consider this as a way to get a foreign scholarship.

The reason is, this academic value is sometimes a benchmark for scholarship organizers to see your seriousness in pursuing scholarships abroad. Except, you have other advantages in non-academic fields.

  • Hone Your Language Skills

It is important for you to hone your language skills, this is because language proficiency is usually one of the requirements for getting a scholarship. In fact, not a few include a minimum value for language skills.

You can start by memorizing foreign language words, take courses or take advantage of free foreign language learning applications which you can also use as an alternative in honing your language skills.

  • Prepare the Best Motivation Letter

The next action you can take in how to get a foreign scholarship is to prepare a motivation letter. A Motivation Letter is an essay which is usually a mandatory requirement in administering scholarships.

The Motivation Letter contains the reasons why you are entitled to the scholarship. Because of the importance of this, not a few influencers share tips and tricks for making good motivation letters.

As a way to get foreign scholarships, avoid the phrase “I am very interested or interested in learning the local culture there or the language there”. This will make the motivation letter look very ordinary and unattractive.

  • Letter of recommendation

This letter is considered to have an important role in the process of selecting scholarship recipients. The reason is that this letter contains information that can strengthen why you deserve the scholarship.

  • Organize your CV and Portfolio

Things that are no less important than motivation letters are CV and portfolio. Make sure you make a CV that is not only informative but also interesting for the organizer to consider.

In addition, preparing the best portfolio is also one of the most effective ways to get scholarships abroad. This is because the organizers will prioritize the most competent students.

Especially students who have work or organizational experience in previous education. These two things will make you look more competent and worthy of getting a scholarship.

Scholarships Organized by Foreign Universities and Domestic Institutions

After sufficient preparation, now is the time for us to discuss how to get the scholarship. Apart from being held directly by universities abroad, there are also several organizers in Indonesia, including:

  • LPDP Scholarship

It is a scholarship organized by the Indonesian government. Conducted by the Education Fund Management Institution under direct supervision by the Ministry of Finance.

Apart from facilitating scholarships for domestic universities, this program also facilitates Indonesian students who wish to study abroad. This program can be one way to get scholarships abroad.

  • Sampoerna Foundation

This one scholarship is held by private partnership. This scholarship is a way to get scholarships abroad after graduating from high school with an average grade of 70.

Just like the LPDP scholarship, this scholarship also provides educational scholarships at home and abroad. Those of you who enroll in this program will receive an allowance for education costs and developing character education.

Apart from discussing scholarships that can be obtained from domestic organizers, it would be incomplete if we did not discuss scholarships provided by several major universities in the world, including:

  • Global Korea Scholarships

It is a way to get scholarships to study abroad provided for students from outside Korea who will continue their undergraduate and postgraduate education. In this program, participants can choose which university they want.

Before starting the learning process, scholarship participants will be given Korean language training for 1 year. Participants will also be given various allowances such as living expenses, health insurance to research costs.

If you are interested in how to get an undergraduate scholarship abroad, you can get information at . Registration will be open in September – October each year for undergraduate education and in February for masters.

  • Turkiye Burslari Scholarship

This one scholarship is a favorite way to get foreign scholarships for students, because in the registration requirements participants are not required to have language certificates such as IELTS and TOEFL.

In organizing this scholarship, participants will receive allowances ranging from airplane tickets to dormitories. You will be given full benefits while studying in Turkey. 

  • Scholarship From Russian Government

Just like scholarships in Turkey, this country’s scholarship also does not require participants to have qualified foreign language skills. The reason is, the Russian government provides free Russian language education for 1 year.

This program can certainly be used as a way to get foreign scholarships, this is because as of 2019, as many as 161 Indonesian students have succeeded in continuing their education in Russia.

How to Get Scholarships to Study Abroad?

It’s not easy to compete with hundreds of people who both want the opportunity to study abroad. For this reason, here are tips on getting foreign scholarships that you can do.

  • Determination Is Strength

Desires will only come true if you have a strong foundation of determination. Any way to get an overseas scholarship will be useless if the determination within you is not strong. Every test you go through will just be tough.

  • Choose Scholarships in Countries with Not Too Many Interests

This is done to increase the chances of getting a scholarship. Analytical skills are needed here. should be able to see in which countries the participants did not register much.

  • Submit Your Application As Soon As Possible

The longer we delay work, the greater the obstacles we will face. The sooner your data is received, the sooner the organizers can see your competence to get a scholarship.


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