Preparation for Studying in Australia and the Scholarships

Every year, thousands of Indonesian students decide to continue studying in Australia. Apart from being relatively close to Indonesia, Australia is a destination because of the quality of its education which is on par with European and American campuses. In addition, a safe and conducive environment for Indonesian students to participate in supporting the educational process.

Universities in Australia are also known for their multicultural environment which accommodates international students from all over the world. So that the welfare and quality of the lecture experience as an international student no longer needs to be questioned. 

Opportunities for careers in Australia are also open to those who have graduated. Using a Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) visa, fresh graduates can gain experience working on the kangaroo continent. 

When it comes to tuition and living costs in Australia, there are variations depending on which city you decide to study and live in. But in general, tuition and living costs can be categorized into the following types:

Cost of education

The cost of education can be differentiated depending on the level and type. 

  1. Primary and secondary schools: AUD 7,800 to AUD 30,000 per year
  2. English language school: AUD 300 per week and may vary depending on course length
  3. Vocational education and training with output certificates I to IV and diplomas and advanced diplomas: AUD 4,000 to AUD 22,000 per year
  4. S1: AUD 15,000 to AUD 33,000 per year
  5. S2: AUD 20,000 to AUD 37,000 per year
  6. S3: AUD 14,000 to AUD 37,000 per year

Cost of living

  1. Visa: approx. AUD 575
  2. Cost of meals: AUD 200 to AUD 400 per week
  3. Communication and internet fee: AUD 150 per 3 months
  4. Other personal expenses such as laundry, toiletries, clothing and more: approximately AUD 500 per month
  5. Health insurance: AUD 500 per year
  6. Public transport costs: approx. AUD 80 per month

So that every month you have to prepare around AUD 1,900 or around IDR 20,140,000 for living expenses (1 AUD exchange rate is equivalent to IDR 10,599)

If you want to study in Australia, according to the QS World University Ranking, the top 5 universities in Australia are:

  1. Australian National University (ranked 30th world university)
  2. The University of Melbourne (ranked 33rd world university)
  3. The University of Sydney (ranked 41st world university)
  4. The University of New South Wales (ranked 45th world university)
  5. The University of Queensland (ranked 50th world university)

The study programs offered at each university are also very diverse, including research programs. You can choose hundreds of study programs at various levels. You can also find combined programs or double degrees at the five universities above.

For complete information about available study programs, you can directly open each university’s website. Applying to universities in Australia, you can register directly through the new student registration system at each university. You can click the link above. 

If you want a scholarship to study in Australia, you can apply to several scholarship providers. Apart from the LPDP, scholarship options to study in Australia are:

1. Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS)

This scholarship is given to international students including Indonesia to study at undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels at various universities in Australia. The scope of this scholarship ranges from tuition fees, living expenses, return plane tickets, health insurance, English preparation classes, to field tuition fees. 

If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, you can visit the Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS) page. Registration is open every February 1 to April 29 each year.

2. Research Training Program (RTP)

This scholarship is open to Masters and Doctoral degree students to undertake research education at various research universities in Australia. To apply for this scholarship, you must first be accepted as a research program student at the destination university. After that, the university will recommend your name to the Australian government to get this scholarship. 

If you are interested in this scholarship, you can visit the Research Training Program page or ask the staff of your destination university. 

In addition to the 2 scholarships above, there are many other scholarships managed by each university in Australia. For a complete list, you can visit the Australian Embassy’s website


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