How to Reset a Forgot Vivo HP Password Easily


How to Reset a Forgot Vivo HP Password Easily

Passwords are used to further enhance the security of today’s technology users. However, often using these passwords can also cause problems. For example, because you forgot your password, you can’t open your cellphone again. Well, especially in using Vivo HP Passwords, we will find out how to easily reset a Vivo HP that forgot the password.
Vivo is one of the well-known brands of Android phones and smartphones. There are so many users. On the Vivo HP, there are advanced features, namely locking the phone using either a password or in the form of a pattern. The use of this feature is in line with technological advances that make it easier for criminals to steal personal data.
In this information, we will discuss how to open a Vivo smartphone that is locked and cannot be opened due to forgetting the password or forgetting the touch screen pattern used. Don’t worry if you experience a similar problem, by following the tutorials and tips below, your HP Vivo will be able to be opened again and under control safely. For details, let’s see.

1. Using Factory Reset

The first way that can be used to reset the Vivo HP is to use a factory reset. This method is indeed at risk of being able to erase the data on your cellphone, but if used it has been proven successful and effective. The tutorial is as follows:
The fist step is to turn off the Vivo cellphone for which you forgot the password.
When finished turning off, you can press the power button and volume up simultaneously. Hold it until the Vivo HP vibrates.
At the next stage, select “Recovery Mode”. If you want to move the selection, feel free to use the volume button then press the power button to select it.
Next, please select “Clear Data” then “Clear All Data”.
If a notification appears, please press “OK”
Wait for the process to complete
When finished, feel free to press the “Back” button in the upper corner
Finally, you need to select “reboot” to be able to turn on your Vivo HP.

2. Using Android Tool and Drivers

The second way is to use the Android Tool and Drivers. Unlike the method above, you can start doing it with the following steps:
First of all, make sure that your Vivo cellphone is in the reboot menu position.
Then then download and install applications on Android phones, namely Android Tools and drivers using a PC or other cellphones.
When finished installing, a shortcut will generally appear on the PC desktop. If there is no shortcut on the PC, you can search for it by opening the file yourself.
To run it, you need to double-click it
On the next page, you will be redirected to the Command Prompt or CMD
At this stage you can connect your Vivo HP to the PC
Now, to reset the pattern and password, you can choose between number 2 or 3 then “Enter”

3. Using the “Forgot password” feature

Apart from using the two methods that we discussed in the description above, there are also other ways you can try, namely by using the “Forgot password” feature. To apply, follow the tutorial below:
In this method, if you forget the password just enter the pattern or password randomly
Next, the option “Forgot password” or “Forgot Password” will appear
Select and click the “Forgot password” option.
Well, at this stage you will be asked to provide answers to Google account security
Select Google security answer and select Unlock
Next don’t forget to select “Yes” to create a new pattern or password

4. Contact CS Vivo

If you don’t want to bother using the three methods above or maybe you find it difficult and can’t, then you can use this last method. Try to contact Vivo Customer to unlock your Vivo HP which is locked due to forgetting the password. You just need to explain the problems you are experiencing, so the CS from Vivo will help and provide solutions for you.
The description above is complete information that tells you a practical way to easily reset a forgotten Vivo HP password. Please feel free to practice these tricks on your Vivo cellphone to be able to reopen a locked cellphone due to an error forgetting the password which is often unavoidable. Information about tips and tricks for applications, games and other internet is available at juntekno.com
Every well-known brand of Android Mobile or Smartphone such as Vivo, Oppo, Samsung, Assus, Realmi. Xiaomi and others have different ways of handling and care. Including how to reset Android if we accidentally forget the password. Hopefully you can solve each problem well. May be useful.

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